My Micro-Manifesto


Quick Bio

Trevor Kaiser Allred is a writer, arts advocate, and community builder. He has collaborated with many artists working as the Community Manager of the 1888 Center and as a poet at The dA Center for the Arts. While earning his Master's in creative writing and critical theory at Cal State Fullerton, he mentored numerous students and campaigned for foreign language learning.


Writers' Block Live: Episode 30

I had the honor to be featured on Mike Gravagno's podcast, Writers' Block Live, with two powerhouse authors: Shauna Barbosa and Liz Harmer. We all presented segments from our new or forthcoming projects, and Mike helped cracked open out thoughts. I learned a lot about my own work this night.

Maudlin House: Writer of the Week

After the publication of "Fissure" in Sidereal Magazine, I was contacted by an editor of Maudlin House to share a bit about my work. I wrote a unique bio and description for the highlight, placed along two other excellent writers.