Then a Voice of Power

A collection of stories in poems

This project traces the difficulty of growing up, becoming your own friend, and making sense of experiences. The writing here tells pieces of my life, growth towards self-care and developing a voice.

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Sample Pieces:

Something You Protect

A Memoir of 100 Days Traveling

I set out with a only a few goals in mind, but, mostly, I wanted to practice slowness and challenge myself with my comfort zone. I wrote every day for 100 days while Couchsurfing, busing, and talking around Europe. I share my reflections openly.


RELEASE DATE: Saturday, September 1st

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Non-Fiction: Book Review

To My Body by Steven Sanchez

I reached out to Anthony at Glass Poetry to try and boost attention to his press with a review. He asked me to read into Steven's To My Body. I was struck by it and timid to write on it. This essay is a quick approach to a book with a powerful lesson.

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